Info About Sherlock Edit

Sherlock Holmes is a self-proclaimed “high functioning sociopath” who works as the only consulting detective in the world. He is known to be the only consulting detective in the world as he invented the job. He is based in London and is most often consulted by Greg Lestrade of New Scotland Yard. Sherlock uses the art of deduction to solve complex crimes with the help of his best friend Dr John Watson.

Sherlock often displays quirks that could be aligned with someone that suffers with Asperger’s as he often speaks his mind and is unable to read the situation and interpret if something is appropriate to say. Sherlock is incredibly smart and often goes into a trance like state as he searches through his brain to find the relevant information needed to solve a case.

Sherlock thrives on the thrill of extremely intricate crimes and often passes aside “boring” cases in search of his next big breakthrough. Sherlock relies on the use of nicotine patches to stimulate his brain as he is trying to quit cigarettes whilst also being a recovering drug addict. Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft cares deeply about his dear “baby” brother and employs the help of Watson to watch over him and ensure he does not get hurt.

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