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Intro and 'about' section.Edit

Sherlock is produced by Hartswood Films for use by the BBC. It is a co-creation by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The TV series airs on the BBC in the UK and PBS in the USA, it is said to be described as a modern and contemporary interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles wildly successful series of crime novels by the name of Sherlock Homes. The 2010 adaptation of the series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson. Other significant characters include Una Stubbs (Mrs Hudson), Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes), Rupert Graves (Greg Lestrade), Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper) and Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty).

Currently three seasons of the program have aired with a fourth on the way, each season consists of three 90-minute-long episodes, there has also been a standalone episode titled “The Abominable Bride” which set the characters in an alternate universe in 1881, It was also shown in theaters for two nights only in the USA. This episode aired on TV on new year’s day 2016.

Upon release of season one over 180 different countries purchased the right to air Sherlock on TV. Season three of Sherlock was the most watched BBC drama series since 2001. Awards one by the show or the shows actors include, Best actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), Best drama series and best drama writer (Steven Moffat) and Best supporting actor (Martin Freeman) just to name a few.


Sherlock And Watson Outside There Home. (221B Baker Street)

Episodes. Edit

Series One Edit

"A Study in Pink" (aired 25 July 2010)

"The Blind Banker" (aired 1 August 2010)

"The Great Game" (aired 8 August 2010)

Series Two Edit

"A Scandal in Belgravia" (aired 1 January 2012)

"The Hounds of Baskerville" (aired 8 January 2012)

"The Reichenbach Fall" (aired 15 January 2012)

Series Three Edit

Prequel – "Many Happy Returns" (aired 24 December 2013)

"The Empty Hearse" (aired 1 January 2014)

"The Sign of Three" (aired 5 January 2014)

"His Last Vow" (aired 12 January 2014)

Series Four Edit

The Abominable Bride (aired 1 January 2016)

TBA (2017)

TBA (2017)

TBA (2017)

The Problem With Sherlock's Personality Edit

One-character issue displayed heavily in the TV Series Sherlock is actually Sherlock’s personality and his inability to empathize with others. One of Sherlock’s main issues is that he does not use his emotions and just states things as they arise, for example he possesses emotions although chooses to push them away as he believes that emotions limit the ability to reason rationally. The quote “Alone is what I have, alone protects me” suggests that Sherlock may have suffered some sort of betrayal as a child, it is also suggested that Sherlock suffered mass bullying and torment which may have led to this thick outer wall that he so stubbornly poses.

Sherlock was quoted to say “I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath” although upon further research even this may have been a misdiagnoses by Sherlock he possesses two main traits that would set him aside and ultimately forbid him from being a sociopath. Number one is that he does have the ability to form relationships as seen with Watson, Mrs Hudson and even Lestrade to a certain extent. The second is that Sherlock never lies for his own personal pleasure which is often prevalent in sociopaths.

I believe that Sherlock could have some sort of disorder on the Autism spectrum (Likely Asperger’s). I believe this for a variety of key reasons, number one is that he often speaks with total disregard for people’s feelings, he also does not gage peoples body language and the situation he is in and is constantly reminded by Watson that “that is enough”. The second main reason for this deduction is the fact that Sherlock is often extremely reluctant to make eye contact or in the case that he does make eye contact he locks eyes for a long period of time and then abruptly looks away. The final reason for this assumption is the fact that he speaks at a rate of speed and with the complexity far higher than anyone else in the situation indication a possible trait of Asperger’s.

Crime As An Issue Edit

Crime is perhaps the most widely displayed issue in the whole Sherlock universe it is the catalyst for every episode and without a crime to revolve Sherlock around he would be lost and the series would have no real direction. The crimes in the TV series Sherlock vary in severity ranging from murder to theft. Although all cases usually have a high level of intrigue to Sherlock as he will not accept menial cases as he needs to “get off” on the thrill of the chase. The most common kind of crime displayed is murder and is the key theme of Sherlock. All the murders in the show are related to some sort of bigger picture and are not just isolated instances they all lead to something whether it be government secrets or Jim Moriarty.

It leads me to wonder what would happen if these crimes were really happening in our world and a vigilante being glorified for solving them, how would the world react. I for one would be rather concerned with the inclusion of these events as many of them are extremely violent and the offenders are often unpredictable.

It would also lead me to question the ability of the police or therefore the lack of ability, it seems that for a large number of there murder cases they have to consult Holmes and Watson when really they should be capable of solving the crimes themselves with all the resources and staff they have at there disposal.

My Response To A Discussion --SPOILERS-- Edit

I decided to look at and discuss the most talked about discussion on the official Sherlock Wikia and give my input and personal opinion on the matter.

The topic is “How did Moriarty survive his suicide?”. First things first I do not believe that Moriarty did survive his suicide and even though he is pictured in the conclusion of Season 3 I believe that it is a mere illusion or deception plotted by a loyal fan of Moriarty’s work. I believe that it would be impossible for Moriarty to fake his suicide because upon immediate examination of the body Sherlock would have picked up on the rouse and put an end to Moriarty’s antics for good.

The second reason I believe it all to be fake is that I believe Moriarty would not have waited this long to strike again, if he really did survive I feel he would have seized the opportunity to complete his exploits when he was under the impression that Sherlock was deceased.

My last reason for believing this is that it would not make sense from a production stand point to bring back Moriarty, it would be much more beneficial for the producers to introduce a new nemesis for Sherlock to really spice things up a bit.

Although all this has been said there is a part of me that wants Moriarty to return as he seemed to be the one real person that could really challenge Cumberbatch’s character and I feel his performance really thrives in the episodes where he is battling to outwit Moriarty.

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